The Brno Museum Night is part of the Museum Night Festival organized by the Czech Association of Museums and Galleries with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. It takes place with a financial support from the City of Brno and with a crucial contribution by the Brno Public Transport Authority which provides free transport of visitors to the exhibition buildings outside the city centre.

This year will be the fifth annual Brno Museum Night. Allow me to take the opportunity of this small anniversary to look back.

The idea to open the doors of the museums and galleries after dark arrived in the Czech Republic in 2004 when a few Prague institutions decided to make their exhibitions accessible at an unusual time. In Brno they were joined on the same day by the Moravian Gallery only. With minimal promotion and a limited accompanying programme it was short of a shock to have almost 2000 visitors cross the threshold of the three buildings of the gallery in the centre of Brno. On the next Brno Museum Night which was the first syndicated affair, the organization of the event was a shared effort by eight museums and galleries and not even in our wildest dreams could we have hoped that in 2009 the number of the participating institutions will be doubled!

And so it happens that year by year the number of places which can be visited free of charge is growing as is the quantity of accompanying events and most importantly the numbers of people turning up for the museum night. Although we are pleased by the tradition of the visitor number record being broken every year, what we appreciate even more is the general ambience, the omnipresent joy and the feeling of togetherness. These emotions are often felt even at the preparatory stage regardless of the difficulties we have to face. The chance to be able to realize every year how great is the impact of the willingness on the part of the representatives of all the important exhibition institutions in Brno to listen to one another, reach an agreement and work together is extremely motivating and hopefully not just for us. The fact that we invited other establishments – libraries, the observatory and a church encouraged others to arrange their own activities independent of the museum night.

Together we have managed to bring to life an unprecedented cultural and social phenomenon which could not be ignored by our founding organizations. Last year the Czech Ministry of Culture, in addition to the City of Brno and the Southern Moravia Region, decided to provide a substantial subsidy. It was repeated this year through a grant to the Moravian Gallery in Brno. We have produced e. g. the full colour programme brochure. It is thanks to this financial support that you are able to hold in your hands this full colour brochure. In addition, we issue a publication in two languages providing basic information on what can be seen in the Brno museums and galleries for the inhabitants of the city and the region and for visitors from abroad. It is hard to believe that a similar brochure is still waiting for publication and that the impetus for this came from the Brno Museum Night.

What is behind the great success of the Brno Museum Night? In my opinion, the greatest problem of a modern city is the atomization of its functions. People work there, deal with authorities, shop or look for entertainment. The museum night integrates the city into a living organism and at the same time gives the citizens guidance as to the simplest way of navigation and orientation in the vast range of options to choose from. Suddenly they find themselves to be attracted by things that normally do not come to mind. It is our wish that people welcome this guidance and remember to use it throughout the year.

Marek Pokorný
director Moravian Gallery in Brno
guarantor of the
Brno Museum Night 2009

Ten reasons why you should take part in the Brno Museum Night

1. EXCLUSIVITY Most of the museums and galleries give you a chance to visit their permanent exhibitions after dark only once a year. In addition to night exhibition tours you will have access to some churches, libraries and the observatory.
2. FREE ENTRY Nearly 30 buildings of the sixteen participating institutions in Brno and its surroundings will be open free of charge from 6 pm to 12 pm.
3. FUN AND JOY You are in for a rich accompanying programme – guided exhibition tours, art workshops, concerts, theatre performances, quizzes, craftsmen’s work, food and wine tasting and many others.
4. ATMOSPHERE Everybody who has been there in one of the previous years can confirm that during the museum night Brno metamorphoses into a real capital of culture. Thousands of people are on the move between the different buildings, watch performances, visit exhibitions, discuss them, listen in deep concentration, even create something themselves. The traditionally nice weather amplifies the overwhelming feeling of enthusiasm and general satisfaction.
5. BE PART OF THE SUCCESS You will become part of a real cultural and social phenomenon – the statistics of the previous years confirm that the Brno Museum Night recalculated in terms of the city population and the number of participating organizations is the most successful museum night in the world.
6. TOGETHER IN A BIG FESTIVAL You can celebrate the festival of museums and galleries together with a great part of Europe – the museum night in Brno is held on the same day as in Paris, Amsterdam and Moscow.
7. COMFORTABLE TRANSPORT A shuttle service provided by the local public transport authority will transport you free of charge between the institutions and will take you to the remote museums in the city surroundings. As in last year, the transport hub will be set up in Moravské náměstí.
8. PLAN AHEAD You can prepare the route of your pilgrimage to art, heritage and learning in advance. The web pages shows a detailed program of all the participating institutions. Information can also be obtained in the vintage bus that will park in náměstí Svobody from Wednesday 13th May, 2009.
9. SOMETHING NEW EVERY YEAR The first syndicated Brno Museum Night in 2005 was prepared by eight museums and organizations. Last year there were fifteen institutions when the new arrivals were the Nicolas Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium and the “Red” Church in Komenského náměstí. The new addition this year is the Wannieck Gallery. This is by no means the only novelty – each of the participants has prepared several within their accompanying events.
10. REASONS TO RETURN You will get up-to-date information on the wide and high quality range of things to see in the museum institutions in Brno and its surroundings. You will see for yourself they have something to offer to everyone and will be glad to welcome you not just on the museum night but at any time of the year.




We wish you a good museum night

Important information:

The programme brochure for the Brno Museum Night (in Czech) will be available from the first days of May at the box offices of all the participating institutions. Apart from detailed information on the individual events it will contain coupons for reduced admission fees to other interesting exhibitions and events in the museums and galleries in the following months.

Live and direct reports from the museum night will be broadcast on a large screen of the Yotiva company on Náměstí Svobody and on the web page